Press Release

INCH2 — women’s shoes with a male character

Our shoes are entirely hand-made by the skilled craftsmen, execution that does not tolerate compromise. We use exclusively high-quality leather from Italy and Holland. The design and shape of the sole, as well as fittings, created specifically for INCH2.

Tough and confident image of men’s shoes is one of the major dominants that stands out among the modern trends. Low heel and corrugated sole became as much a part of women’s shoes as stiletto heel.

INCH2 girl has a charismatic personality with a firm «a la garçon» style, she has full confidence in herself, preferring primarily convenience and high quality squared.

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  • Nikki Oji

    I simply LOVE your shoes! The use of colour is unparalleled, and the mix of masculine aesthetic with pretty colours just chimes so well with my fashion personality and brand identity. Keep up your wonderful work! ?


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